Retinol Body Butter with Seamoss Gel by Sugarspice Cosmetics

Nourish and rejuvenate with Sugarspice Cosmetics’ Body Butter, enriched with Seamoss Gel. Experience deep hydration, essential nutrients, and a radiant glow. Perfect for all skin types seeking a touch of nature’s luxury.


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Introducing Sugarspice Cosmetics’ nourishing Body Butter infused with the magic of Seamoss Gel. This luxurious butter melts seamlessly into the skin, providing deep hydration, vital minerals, and essential nutrients that rejuvenate and restore.

Seamoss Gel, a renowned natural wonder, brings its arsenal of 92 minerals to the mix, ensuring your skin not only feels soft but also remains protected against environmental aggressors. Ideal for all skin types, this butter works diligently to maintain elasticity, promote even skin tone, and offer a supple, radiant glow. Dive into this creamy indulgence and let your skin bask in nature’s finest.